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                                                 WHO WE ARE

African Foundation for Climate Change and Sustainable Development (AFCCSD) is a registered foundation headquarters in Ghana. The foundation has a major focus on climate change awareness and its adaptation, sustainable livelihoods and development in Africa. 

AFCCSD has advisory board from Germany, Canada, Poland, USA, local institutions such as  Environmental Protection Agency,  Ghana Forestry Commission, National Board for Small Scale Industries, Department of Agriculture and many other institutions in Africa. 

It is been manage by team of professionals with many years of experience in the field of climate change and sustainable development.



Resilient African Communities with Equitable Solutions to Climate Change and Access to Sustainable Development 


To embark on Climate Change Awareness and its Adaptation, and to Promote Sustainable Livelihoods and Development in Africa.


To achieve this mission of the organization, all its members, officers and/or employees shall be governed by the following core values:

a) Mutual respect -reorganizing  innate dignity and wealth of all people and the value of diversity.

b) Honesty and transparency- requiring us to be accountable for the effectiveness of our actions and open in our judgement and communication with others.

c) Courage of conviction -requiring us to be creative and methodical without fear of failure in pursuit of the highest possible impact in the lives of people in Africa.

d) Commitment to manage our organization the most cost effective and efficient manner possible to maximize the impact of resources dedicated to our ultimate objective of promoting sustainable livelihoods in Africa.

e) Excellence-Striving for the highest quality of work and performance.  



Any interested person or stakeholder who has interest or knowledge in climate change, sustainable livelihoods and development, is eligible to join AFCCSD. Click here


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