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Resilient African Communities with Equitable Solutions to Climate Change and Access to Sustainable Development

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To embark on Climate Change Awareness and its Adaptation, and to Promote Sustainable Livelihoods and Development in Africa


a) Mutual respect.

b) Honesty and transparency.

c) Courage of conviction.

d) Commitment.

e) Excellence.

1. Smart and Climate Resilient Agriculture Training Programs to Farmers and AEAs.

2. Climate Change Awareness and Its Adaptation Projects.

3. ​Promote Sustainable Livelihoods and Development Through the Following:

a) Training of African Youths in Different Vocational Courses and Skills.

b) Training of African Youths on Leadership Skills to Attain their Full Capacity.

4. Carrying out Community Projects such as the Construction of Solar-powered Boreholes, Tree plantations etc.

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In Promoting Sustainable Livelihoods and Development in Africa.

Any interested person, volunteer or stakeholder who has interest or knowledge in climate change, sustainable development is elegible to join AFCCSD. 

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Testimony by Mrs Veronica Ayeh

Testimony by Mr. Stephen Fiati


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